Marshall Adaptor Fitting POL O-Ring Part # 06-0199 568-110-01

Adapter Fitting O-Ring; POL (Prest-O-Lite) O-Ring; Single Part# 06-0199 568-110-01
SKU: 06-0199
Manufacturer part number: 568-110-01
Manufacturer Link: MARSHALL

Adapter Fitting O-Ring; POL (Prest-O-Lite) O-Ring; Single

For over 30 years Marshall Excelsior Company has been a progressive manufacturer of top quality and competitively priced LPG and NH3 equipment that is leading the industry in innovation and low emission products. We offer a full range of products that support the LPG and NH3 Bulk Plant, Transport, Delivery/Dispensing, and Domestic applications.
  • Durable ABS Plastic Container With Storage Latch
  • Preformed Insert With Individual Spaces For Each Gasket/O-Ring Size
  • All Gaskets/O-Rings Manufactured From UL Approved
  • Labeled With Each Gasket/O-Ring Size And Part Number For Easy Identification And Reorder Purposes